Sunny Hill Association

Sunny Hill Association is a space of cooperation, innovation, and supportive environment for research, education and active practice of sustainable development. It cooperates with competent individuals and organisations and is the member of ECOLISE, European Network of Community-led Initiatives for Sustainable Europe.
The integral part of the project is Sunny Hills of Istria cooperative, which is envisioning an ecological settlement for 20-40 inhabitants in the village Hrvoji and in the nearby abandoned hamlet Mocunigi. In 2019 we bought one more house (a ruin) and we will renovate in a sustainable way.
The hamlet Močunigi would be renovated in the same, traditional Istrian style, but that will take some time due to administrative obstacles.
For now we operate from a big house in Hrvoji which we renovated between 2014 and 2018.

The guiding principle of Sunny Hill is cohabiting and collaborating in the living social laboratory.
Our core values are simplicity, joy, community, caring and diversity.
We use appropriate technologies to build a home for our sustainable community, in order to revive potentials of Istria in harmony with tradition and sustainability.
Living together in luxurious simplicity we are opening the space for each individual to flourish.

We are one of the partners in ERASMUS+ funded CLIPS – Community Learning Incubator Programme for Sustainability and we’re offering mentoring and counseling to emerging sustainable initiatives.

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